My work, both for educational and for independent initiatives, has focused on blurring the digital-physical-social barrier. Below is a list of projects that have recently kept me busy.

Mobile app for astronauts

As part of my CMU capstone project, my team and I are working at NASA Ames to envision and design a new procedure execution mobile application. Details →

Analyzing email history

Most email inboxes are cluttered. How can we visualize what's important and with whom you're really interacting? Details →

Participatory government

Citizens define their government. What does participating in government look like in an age of ubiquitous computing? Details →

My methods

user research · ux design · visual design · prototyping · development · contextual design · personas · scenarios · storyboarding · usability testing

My tech

python · objective-c / iOS · omnigraffle · balsamiq · cs5 · javascript / jquery · sql · arduino

App for mobile workers

Mobile workers are a huge portion of the workforce and often need to quickly replan throughout the day. How can we accommodate their needs? Details →

Arduino Stacker

Can you clone the arcade game Stacker using only an 8×8 LED Matrix and an Arduino Nano? Details →

iPad tweet density

What can we learn about tweets by integrating Census data? Details →

Personalized self-checkouts

Grocery self-checkouts are already impersonal; how can we increase their acceptance? Details →

Accessible self-checkouts

How can we improve self-checkout systems to support users of all physical abilities? Details →

iPad dessert magazine

How can we present a visually interesting iPad magazine focused on desserts? Details →